What Easter means to me

What Easter means to me

As we approach Easter Sunday, I thought I would share with you what Easter means to me and how it has impacted my life. Of course, I could tell you how I love the pastel colors showing up in all of my favorite boutiques or that I am ecstatic about the glimpses of warmer weather. But more than any of these reasons, I love Easter because I am reminded of how the resurrection of Jesus has completely taken over my life and the gospel has become real to me.

The gospel of Easter means that my past does not define my future.

The gospel of Easter means that every sin I’ve ever committed has been washed away and I am made right before my Heavenly Father.

The gospel of Easter says that through Jesus, I have power and authority over the enemy. I don’t have to simply survive anymore, I can thrive!

The gospel of Easter reminds me that I can be hopeful for wrongs to be made right. God promises all things work together for our good – for those who love Him.

The gospel of Easter tells me that I have a hope, a future and my every breath has purpose!

Don’t just go through the motions of Easter this year. Allow the gospel of Easter to become real to you. When you have a revelation of what the resurrection of Jesus Christ means to you personally and how it applies to your life today, radical changes can happen. Our world is hopeless, but in Jesus, you have all of the hope you need to live the abundant life promised in Scripture.

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