Thought Life

Thought Life

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.” [Romans 12:2]

One of the greatest hindrances we face is the failure to get our minds right. I talk about this a lot because negative thinking and meditating on the enemy’s lies will result in two things: you action on what you are hearing OR the lies will bring you down emotionally. Not everything you think about is from God, nor does it align to what Scripture says.

I know this may seem silly, but I want to give you a homework assignment. When you have 10 minutes to be still today, I want you to get a piece of paper and write down every single one of your thoughts. Some of you may be thinking on a few thoughts, but some of you may be thinking 3 pages worth of thoughts. Regardless, I want you to write down even the silliest of thoughts. Then, once you write them all down, I want you to align them to Scripture. I guarantee half of what you are thinking about is not a true statement about you or your situation, or distractions from the enemy. Friends, we’ve got to allow God’s Word to have the final say.

I want to give you a personal example of how my thoughts almost got in the way of a huge blessing in my life. When I was looking for my next ministry gig when I moved to Orange County, I had an interview at the Orange County Rescue Mission (where I now work). For two days before the interview, I was having serious anxiety. I was having such a hard time pinpointing where it was coming from. I’ve interviewed hundreds of times, I knew I was capable of succeeding in the position, but for some reason, I was so worried about it. Then, I decided to write down my thoughts to help pin point what was going on. As I began to write down all the thoughts in my mind, all of my thoughts were centered around the fear of not being good enough to work there. As silly as it sounds, I almost didn’t interview because I was afraid I would not qualify or that I would fail. As I drove to the interview, I continued to read verses of things God says about me. I ended up getting the job and let me tell you, it was a perfect match and I have been so blessed through my job.

Guys, we’ve got to get our minds right! Xo

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