The Right People

The Right People

I have talked a lot about having the right friends and people in your life that will help encourage you, lift you up, and be honest with you when you need wisdom and direction. If you want to take a look at your future, take a look at your closest five friends and where their lives are headed. If you’re friends are not heading in the right direction, maybe you need to make some adjustments. Here are a few pointers I want to share to help you —

1. Do not hang on to old relationships that cause you damage or cause you to stumble.
Jesus is all about helping and loving others, but notice he did not help everyone. I think sometimes we hang on to old relationships because we want to “help” them or be of influence to them, but if the relationship is unhealthy and constantly brings you down, it’s actually not your responsibility to be that person in their life. If the relationship is causing you to stumble or causing emotional damage to you, you need to let that person go.

2. When you are falling, find someone spiritually stronger than you for guidance.
Imagine with me for a second you are falling. It would make no sense to grab someone weaker than you or smaller for that matter. If you grabbed someone smaller, you would bring that person down with you. When you are falling (spiritually speaking), you need to grab someone much bigger than you. Look for friends that might be stronger in their faith than you. People that are whole-heartedly seeking after God. Those are the people you need to help you get back on track!

3. Always be open to honest feedback.
This is not always easy, but I appreciate so much when wise people are completely honest with me. We are not perfect people, and we don’t always see our blind spots. Be open to what the closest people around you have to say. Take feedback, and pray on it. The Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth, but it takes an open and honest heart for Him to work in us.


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