The promise that all things are possible

The promise that all things are possible

Have you ever faced an impossible situation, a situation that would truly take a miracle to turn around? I have. I think we all have. Today, I want to talk about God’s promise to us that all things are possible through Him. In Luke 18:27, Jesus addresses a crowd and says, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” You see, in our human strength, we have limitations, but with the power of God at work in our lives, all things are possible.

But, there is nothing worse than feeling helpless and hopeless. Sometimes a bad health report or a lost cause will do that. But, today I want to talk about lost dreams, and the vision that you had deep within you that didn’t come to pass.

I absolutely love the heart of God. I love the way He knows every detail of our being and He is always after the innermost depths of our heart. He cares about the big details of our lives and even the smallest of details. He cares about what’s on your mind when you wake up and what’s keeping you up at night.

You see, Jesus is always the answer and He is attracted to need. I’ve found that what God places in us, He wants to draw out of us. Whether that is a desire, a dream or a vision for our future, He wants to be in on it with us. What is it in your life that you hoped for that seems lost? What dream did you have hidden in your heart that started to die? There may be even the slightest spark buried deep inside. And today, I want to remind you that God promises that ALL things are possible.

Pray. And talk to God about what it is deep within you that needs to be resurrected. It’s not over until God says its over.

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