Hello, my name is Ashley. Nice to “meet” you!

I am a California born, Jesus loving, ministry girl on a mission to fulfill God’s unique purpose for my life.

My story took a radical turn when I was living in San Francisco in my early twenties. I had just landed my dream job for a global fashion brand and got completely wrecked by the love of Jesus. About that time, I began ministering to a group of homeless women in the inner city and experienced the power of God in a supernatural way. To say the least, I’ve never been the same. Long story short, I ended up quitting my corporate job and have worked in homeless ministry ever since.

I have a strong passion for teaching the Word of God and ministering to women from all walks of life. I currently reside in Orange County and am married to my best friend from college.  (He’s pretty awesome!)

If you’re looking for more purpose and fulfillment in life, I have a feeling you might have landed in the right place. Come check out some of my resources to help you walk in the unique purpose God has planned for you. Trust me, it’s the best thing ever!

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