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Are you looking for more in life?

Register for the Purposeful Course to help you discover your purpose.

Why take the Purposeful Course?

The problem is, we live in a culture that feeds off the acronym “YOLO” — “You only live once!” It’s the idea that you should take risks and live life to the fullest because you only have one life to live. The world also tells us to live for ourselves and “do what makes us happy.” But unfortunately, these life ambitions are fleeting and leave us feeling empty.

I’ve met too many people that simply go through the motions,  barely scratch the surface, and are merely surviving through life. My friend, Jesus did not pay the ultimate price for you to just get by. He created you on purpose for a purpose and to experience abundant life.

For too long, I was hungry for more and always wondered if there was more to life than what I was experiencing. If this is you, let’s spend the next eight weeks discovering!


  • Existence – Why am I here?

  • Significance – Does my life matter?

  • Purpose – What am I created for?

To lead a small group study, please contact us.


In Week 1, Purposed for relationship, we will look at how to develop deeper intimacy with God, better understand His character and the benefits of a relationship with Him.

In Week 2, Purposed for His pleasure, we will identify what it means to please God and how we can live a life that brings Him pleasure.

In Week 3, Purposed for the extraordinary, we will examine our worth and value in Jesus and how our identity in Him allows us to live an extraordinary life.

In Week 4, Purposed uniquely, we will look at our individuality and uniqueness (how our hearts are wired, our unique gifts, talents and experiences) and how our uniqueness shapes our purpose.

In Week 5, Purposed to be free, we will evaluate the hindrances in our lives that keep us from living out God’s purposes and how to step into true freedom.

In Week 6, Purposed to build the vision, we will identify short and long-term goals and steps to take to fulfill God’s vision for our lives and how to address opposition and obstacles when they come our way.

In Week 7, Purposed for power and authority, we will break down what it means to walk out our purposes in strength, how to be effective in our endeavors and step into the miraculous.



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